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Versatility is one of the things that you need to be on the look out for when it comes to choosing stethoscopes. In fact, a single head stethoscope now is not necessarily the one best one that is available in the market the fact the dual head stethoscope has already been introduced to provide more performance in a stethoscope.

In fact, dual head stethoscopes have already existed a few years later after Dr. Littman created his infamous innovation of the older versions of stethoscopes. And even now, almost all Littman stethoscopes are featured to be dual head.  On other hand, just what is a dual head stethoscope?

Defining what dual head stethoscopes are all about

There are two types of stethoscopes when talking about stethoscope heads. The first one is the single head stethoscope while the other one is the dual head stethoscope which is basically the concern of this article. On the other hand, a person really cannot tell the discrepancy between a single scope from a double head scope physically but what you need to do in order to decipher whether a stethoscope is single head or not is by looking at the chest piece. The dual head stethoscope has the back to back chest piece which can be used alternately while the singe head stethoscope has only one head.

For this reason, the dual head stethoscope allows you to hear both low frequency and high frequency sounds with only one device. This makes it economical and at the same time practical since you do not need to keep two or more scopes in your pocket to properly hear the sounds your patient’s organs are making.

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